• Accounting



    Initial data, precise accounting is base for financial analysis, that is why our attention to quality of accounting is exceptional. To keep high quality standards we use modern accounting and finance control information systems. Knowledge and experience of our specialist and use of certified technologies and methodologies allow us to offer our clients easy applicable accounting development and reform solutions.

  • Financial and business consultations

    Financial and business consultationspicturepicture

    Financial and business consultations

    Business value - it is only theoretical discussions until figures become real cash. We specialize in services with the aim to maximize the value of your business and asset, when you taking strategic decisions, looking how to finance business, investing, buying or selling business.

  • Audit



    The objective of audit is to determine whether financial statements in all significant senses reveal financial condition of audited company, performance results and cash flow according to law which specify accounting and formation of financial statements. Whether company anual report financial data correspond to financial statements data.

Bookkeeping and audit

Bookkeeping and audit

Bookkeeping and audit.
We provide high quality bookkeeping and finance services using modern finance control and accounting IT systems. Personnel and sallary accounting. All audit services.


Financial and business consultations

Financial and business consultations

Financial consultations services.
Management accounting improvement. Valuation of investment projects and preparation of business plans. Tax risk and optimization consultations.




Bookkeeping outsource.
Optimization of functions. Accounting  is one of easiest business functions for a company to outsource. Availability. Cost effective. The overall savings can be up to 50%.



OVO Finance - growing together with clients.

The good reputation of our company is built by team of professionals, enthusiasm and passion to what we do, the quality of bookkeeping, accounting, audit, tax and financial consultations services.

OVO Finance field of activities - financial and business consultations, accounting and audit in private and public sector. We seek to be management and accounting consultants for all company questions.

Our aim is to help our clients develop their business and grow together.

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